"..." - The Agent


The Agent is the Team Fortress 2's Spy counterpart. In this game however, the Agent is a Female and originates from Italy. The Agent is a support specialist, specialized in picking off high-value targets by cloaking behind the enemy line and disguising at anyone in the enemy's team. Unlike the Spy, Agent can only disguise as one class if there is an enemy player using that class. Also unlike the Spy, the Agent can freely select between any player to disguise at any time. The Agent is used for important picks, changing the outcome of the match entirely. The Agent is also specialized in taking out sentry nests, her sapper can disable and destroy any of the Mechanic's buildings. The Agent does not have a primary, instead, her revolver secondary fills in the slot of a primary weapon, while the sapper takes the secondary slot. The Agent has the ability to backstab a player, instantly killing them upon attacking from behind with the knife.


Coming Soon

  • Dead Ringer
  • Spycicle
  • Conniver's Kunai
  • Golden Frying Pan



  • The Agent used to be male, and was more similar to the Spy from TF2.
  • The Agent had several changes like outfit designs.
  • The Agent used to have a Top Hat and Bandana. These later on became cosmetic items.


  • Cloaking and decloaking are loud. Try not to decloak directly next to an enemy, because you'll die before you can do anything.
  • Trickstabbing is far more difficult in TC2. You'll need to get imagine an equilateral triangle coming out of the Agent's back, and aim to stab near the middle.
  • Sapped buildings take 33% less damage only from you. Don't sap a building unless an enemy is near it or it causes a significant disadvantage.
  • Don't use the disguise kit when you're near your teammates. An enemy will probably notice non of your teammates are trying to kill you so you'll start to look suspicious.
  • Always use the disguise kit when you're hiding.